2020-10-26 15:51:00

Cen Homes 3.0: Speed-up & online market domination

On October 24, Cen Homes successfully held the workshop - "SPEED UP - ONE TEAM ONE DREAM" with the desire to bring Cenhomes.vn proptech platform to affirm its market leadership position and maximum support of the brokerage community.

The workshop is organized to get the opinions of the sales force to provide effective solutions, remove difficulties and problems when using Cenhomes.vn platform, get suggestions to improve user experience on the new version of Cenhomes.vn.


Cen Group chairman Nguyen Trung Vu shared about the vision and mission of Cenhomes.vn


Cenhomes.vn pioneers in the real estate brokerage.


At the workshop, chairman Vu presented the vision and mission of Cen Homes to the real estate. Cenhomes.vn 3.0 will change the method of real estate transaction, creating a transparent market where buyers and sellers can search for all relevant information such as location, price and valuation with the support of most prestigious financial institutions (banks) in Vietnam.


However, Cen Group chairman pointed out the difficulties and challenges that Cenhomes.vn are facing. Therefore, Vu hopes Cen Homes will speed up more in the coming time with the criteria of the workshop - "SPEED UP - ONE TEAM ONE DREAM". In addition, Chief Technology Officer of Cenhomes.vn Phan Van Hung shared about the importance of big data and technology in real estate.


Cenhomes.vn 3.0: Strength and breakthrough


Cen Group vice chairman cum Cen Homes chairman Pham Thanh Hung affirmed his belief in Cenhomes.vn proptech platform.


Vice chairman Hung said that Cenhomes.vn 3.0 would be upgraded with many new features such as: allowing users to look up house prices by address, pricing by area, allowing users/ hosts to post free news, online payment support, just to name a few. Cen Homes will maximize the interests of realtors.


"The first thing to do every morning is ... visit Cenhomes.vn"


Cenhomes.vn development manager Tran Dang Nghia shares about technology in the real estate.


At the workshop, after listening to the difficulties and problems of sales consultants and real estate experts when using Cenhomes.vn proptech platform, Nghia acknowledges the enthusiastic contributions of the members in the workshop and expects that Cenhomes.vn 3.0 will solve all of the above problems of users. In the workshop, he shared about "Cen Homes - Button Home" vision - visiting CenHomes.vn 3.0 becomes the first thing every morning to wake up of any realtor.


Shark Pham Thanh Hung shared in the workshop.


At the end of the "SPEED UP - ONE TEAM ONE DREAM" workshop, shark Hung thanked the participants for their valuable comments. He commented that Cen Homes would organize other workshops to listen to the wishes and concerns of users as well as further improve Cenhomes.vn proptech platform.


Some photos at the "SPEED UP - ONE TEAM ONE DREAM" workshop:


Chief Technology Officer of Cenhomes.vn Phan Van Hung Phan Van Hung shared about the technology platforms applied in Cenhomes.vn.


Thai Thi Thanh Van told about the difficulties of realtors today.


Ho Phuong Thao pointed out the limitations of Cenhomes.vn.



Hoang Thanh Tam believes in the potential of technology in the real estate as well as Cen Homes’ new directions.



"SPEED UP - ONE TEAM ONE DREAM" workshop receives many valuable feedbacks to make Cenhomes.vn more complete with the new version. Cen Homes will be more successful with new directions.